Special Discount Rates for NTL, Telewest, other Non-BT and mobile users:
Especially for all NTL, Telewest, other non-BT landline and mobile customers! Due to great demand you can now also benefit from cheap 18866-rates via our dedicated freephone number 0808 1 701 701*! Mobile users can also use our local rate access number 020 81 803 803*. A 5p connection fee applies to all calls.

How does it work?
Please ensure your mobile number is registered with your existing customer number or if you aren't a customer yet join now.

Once registered you can call our freephone access number 0808 1 701 701 or 020 81 803 803 from your registered telephone number. Wait for the voice prompt and dial the number you would like to call. That's all!

* If calling from a mobile please ensure that you do not press the green/send key on your mobile again after dialling the follow-on number or you may be billed for a second call by your mobile operator. 020 calls from mobiles may come out your inclusive free minutes or your mobile operator may charge separately for calls to 020 numbers depending on your operator and tariff plan; please check with your mobile operator for correct rates.

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UK Rates
Destination p/min
UK fixed lines2
UK mobiles14
UK (087)7
UK (070 Personal)20
UK (084)13
International Rates
Destination p/min
albania (fixed) Super Deal!13
albania (mobile) Super Deal!30
algeria (fixed) Super Deal!9
algeria (mobile) Super Deal!75
andorra (fixed)3
andorra (mobile)10
argentina (fixed)2
argentina (mobile) Super Deal!13
armenia (fixed) Super Deal!14
armenia (mobile) Super Deal!20
australia (fixed)2
australia (mobile)15
austria (fixed)2
austria (mobile)15
bahamas (fixed)10
bahamas (mobile)15
bahrain (fixed and mobile)10
bangladesh (fixed)9
bangladesh (mobile)15
barbados (fixed)15
barbados (mobile)20
belarus (fixed)25
belarus (mobile)35
belgium (fixed)2
belgium (mobile)17
belize (fixed)12
belize (mobile)20
bermuda (fixed and mobile)9
bolivia (fixed)9
bolivia (mobile)13
bosnia-herzegovina (fixed)15
bosnia-herzegovina (mobile)30
botswana (fixed)10
botswana (mobile)12
brazil (fixed)4
brazil (mobile)15
bulgaria (fixed)10
bulgaria (mobile)20
canada (fixed and mobile)2
cayman islands (fixed)10
cayman islands (mobile)15
chile (fixed)3
chile (mobile)15
china (fixed and mobile)3
colombia (fixed)4
colombia (mobile)15
croatia (fixed)8
croatia (mobile)15
cyprus (fixed)4
cyprus (mobile)8
czech republic (fixed)3
czech republic (mobile)15
denmark (fixed)2
denmark (mobile)17
dominican republic (fixed)5
dominican republic (mobile)10
egypt (fixed)9
egypt (mobile)10
estonia (fixed)3
estonia (mobile)17
fiji (fixed)15
fiji (mobile)18
finland (fixed)5
finland (mobile)15
france (fixed)1
france (mobile)15
georgia (fixed)17
georgia (mobile)25
germany (fixed)2
germany (mobile)18
ghana (fixed)18
ghana (mobile)25
gibraltar (fixed)3
gibraltar (mobile)14
greece (fixed)2
greece (mobile)15
hong kong (fixed and mobile)3
hungary (fixed)3
hungary (mobile)15
iceland (fixed)3
iceland (mobile)16
india (fixed)14
india (mobile)10
iran (fixed)13
iran (mobile)18
ireland (fixed)2
ireland (mobile)15
ireland [national rate] (fixed and mobile)15
israel (fixed)2
israel (mobile)9
italy (fixed)2
italy (mobile)17
jamaica (fixed)15
jamaica (mobile)16
japan (fixed)3
japan (mobile)16
jordan (fixed)14
jordan (mobile)15
kazakhstan (fixed)5
kazakhstan (mobile)12
kenya (fixed)15
kenya (mobile)19
kenya [safaricom] (fixed and mobile)19
kuwait (fixed and mobile)7
latvia (fixed)8
latvia (mobile)16
liechtenstein (fixed and mobile)7
lithuania (fixed)7
lithuania (mobile)15
luxembourg (fixed)3
luxembourg (mobile)17
macedonia (fixed)13
macedonia (mobile)30
malaysia (fixed)3
malaysia (mobile)6
maldives (fixed)35
maldives (mobile)40
malta (fixed)8
malta (mobile)17
mauritius (fixed and mobile)15
mexico (fixed)4
mexico (mobile)15
moldova (fixed)25
moldova (mobile)20
monaco (fixed)6
monaco (mobile)30
mongolia (fixed and mobile)4
montenegro (fixed)15
montenegro (mobile)30
morocco (fixed)12
morocco (mobile)35
namibia (fixed)6
namibia (mobile)15
nepal (fixed and mobile)20
netherlands (fixed)2.5
netherlands (mobile)18
new zealand (fixed)2
new zealand (mobile)15
norway (fixed)2
norway (mobile)15
pakistan (fixed and mobile)13
peru (fixed)5
peru (mobile)15
philippines (fixed)11
philippines (mobile)17
poland (fixed)2
poland (mobile)15
portugal (fixed)2
portugal (mobile)19
portugal madeira and azores (fixed and mobile)2
romania (fixed)7
romania (mobile)19
russian federation (fixed)3
russian federation (mobile)8
russian federation [beeline] (fixed and mobile)7
saudi arabia (fixed)8
saudi arabia (mobile)14
serbia and montenegro (fixed)13
serbia and montenegro (mobile)35
singapore (fixed and mobile)2
slovak republic (fixed)5
slovak republic (mobile)16
slovenia (fixed)4
slovenia (mobile)20
slovenia [ipko] (fixed and mobile)20
south africa (fixed)10
south africa (mobile)16
south korea (fixed)3
south korea (mobile)5
spain (fixed)1
spain (mobile)17
sri lanka (fixed)18
sri lanka (mobile)15
sweden (fixed)2
sweden (mobile)15
switzerland (fixed)2
switzerland (mobile)22
taiwan (fixed)2
taiwan (mobile)7
thailand (fixed)4
thailand (mobile)10
trinidad and tobago (fixed)13
trinidad and tobago (mobile)18
tunisia (fixed)20
tunisia (mobile)50
turkey (fixed)10
turkey (mobile)15
turkey northern cyprus (fixed)10
turkey northern cyprus (mobile)15
uganda (fixed)20
uganda (mobile)30
ukraine (fixed)13
ukraine (mobile)22
united arab emirates (fixed)16
united arab emirates (mobile)17
united kingdom (fixed)2
united kingdom (mobile)14
united kingdom [084 rate] (fixed and mobile)10
united kingdom [087 rate] (fixed and mobile)13
united kingdom [personal] (fixed and mobile)20
united states (fixed and mobile)2.5
venezuela (fixed)4
venezuela (mobile)16
zimbabwe (fixed and mobile)15

Rates are in pence per minute. Calls are billed per minute rounded to the nearest penny, include VAT and are subject to change.
18866 calls are subject to a 5p connection fee.

* Calls to UK mobiles:
Sa-Su: 4p/min
Mo-Fr 6pm/8am: 14p/min
Mo-Fr 8am/6pm: 14p/min

No pre-payment, and the lowest rates. It's absolutely wicked!

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